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2 days hackathon
-disruptive apps for kids-


Come and play with us for this incredible sprint of 48 hours of fun, intensive creativity. You will learn, create, discuss, invent, and challenge yourself surrounded by talented people.


CodeGrimm is a learning experience. The program counts 2 MasterClass and constant feedback in order to help you learn while doing, and get the most out of the 48 hours.


We want to invent the future of digital books. So we composed every team with specific skills in mind: development, creative, business and always with the audience in mind,

What's the concept ?

Creating new narratives for digital children books

CodeGrimm is a call to action for creative people to rally and share their talents and ideas to inspire and re-invent how we interact with Picture books.

We're building an international network of events and hackathons bringing App developers, illustrators, kids and publishers together to build a bridge between digital and book industries.
We want to help invent new narratives for children books, and new formats for app that or neither games neither digital books. Something fresh, new and high quality !

It's about Coding and Grimm brothers' fairy tales.
It's about App development and Children books.
It's about telling stories in ways that have not yet been invented.
It's about creativity, kids, stories, books, apps, digital, illustrations.

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Meet the staff behind CodeGrimm
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Julien Palier

Learning to code and helping companies telling better stories with content. More than 15 years of editorial experience in Internet, TV and magazines. Passionate about Media, technology, journalism and its business model(s).
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Anna Castagnoli

Creative Director
Illustrator, author and critic of children books. I work for magazines, catalogues and curate lefiguredeilibri.com when not giving workshops. My publishers are Topipittori (Italy), OQO (Spain), Seuil (French) beyond others.

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